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Loft Conversions in Oxford

If you’re looking to extend your home without sacrificing valuable garden or garage space, then loft conversions completed by R&M Builders could be the answer you are looking for. You can be safe in the knowledge that you will be dealing with loft conversion specialists when you come to us. Our extensive and time served industry experience means we can provide a complete service from design through to completion.

Which Type of Loft Conversion is Right for my Home?

There are several factors that need to be taken into consideration when deciding on which loft conversion is right for your home. These factors include adequate insulation, the space available to you and obtaining planning permission as well as the intended use of the created space. We undertake three main varieties of loft conversions in Oxford:

Dormer Conversion

A Dormer conversion is essentially based on a window integrated extension – the main purpose being the incorporation of more head room. Improved staircase access is also another benefit of opting for a Dormer conversion. Planning permission is required for a Dormer conversion, which accounts for it being a slightly less popular choice when compared with a standard Window conversion. However, many Dormer Conversions are granted planning permission on first application.

Window Conversion

This is by far the most common type of loft conversion completed by R&M Builders. The fairly simple nature of the work undertaken, in addition to the efficient creation of additional space accounts for its increasing popularity. Roof windows (most commonly Velux windows) are inserted into the roof space to provide light into the space, so that space which would otherwise be wasted can become a perfectly usable and bright area. Building regulation approval is required for all loft conversions in Oxford, however, Window conversions completed by R&M Builders can be completed in adherence to planning regulations as the project unfolds, so that planning permission is not required. They can have a modernising effect which will usually add sale value to a property.

Mansard Conversion

A Mansard Style Roof Conversion has a very distinctive style, but one which adds a great deal of potential variety for loft conversions in Oxford. With this type of conversion, homeowners may add an additional level onto a house without any stone work on the building’s exterior. However, this is not their only use and many Mansard style Oxford loft conversions are used to conceal central heating systems and boilers, whilst they can be made more aesthetically pleasing by using a dormer style window. Planning permission is also required for these conversions. Mansard conversions are usually used for bigger, more archaic houses which naturally have flat roofs.

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